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President Barzani to the Kurdistan Review: Our strategy is one of openness to all countries

President Barzani to the Kurdistan Review: Our strategy is one of openness to all countries

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq – ( – The Kurdistan Region is open to any country that wants to engage with it politically and economically and to share in its development, President Masoud Barzani says in the Kurdistan Review, a publication, by Invest in Group, providing a comprehensive overview on the Kurdistan Region’s economic, industrial and tourist sectors.

The Kurdistan Review’s annual publication includes three supplements:

  • A guide to key attractions in Erbil,
  • A detailed document outlining the latest facts and figures across the Region reflecting its economic growth, and
  • A start-up guide for businesses seeking to establish a foothold.
  • In the publication, President Barzani says, ‘Our strategy is one of openness, and extends to any and all countries that are interested in developing relations with the Kurdistan Region.’

    Speaking about the strong ties between Kurdistan and Turkey, President Barzani says, ‘This relationship further reflects the idea that the modern world is based on mutual interests, particularly those relating to economics. Above all else, economics allows for development and the pursuit of solutions to complex problems.’

    Invest In Group conducted over 100 interviews with high-ranking officials and executives from successful private companies operating in Kurdistan. The annual publication also contains new investment opportunities, strategies and projects by KRG ministries and departments.

    Minister Falah Mustafa Bakir, Head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Department of Foreign Relations (DFR), signed the agreement with IIG in November 2012. Commenting about the launch of the publication, he said, ‘This is the most comprehensive report to cover our key industries and economy. I believe it will present readers with the latest information about our continued growth, the areas where the authorities are seeking outside expertise and the many opportunities for trade and investment. Our broad aim is to show that Kurdistan is open to making new business and diplomatic relationships while maintaining old ones.’

    Can Yirik, the Regional Director of Invest In Group, said, ‘During the  project, our team met with all the key figures from the public and private sector in order to present a comprehensive picture of the economy and to portray the most up to date economic developments in the Kurdistan Region.’

    The Kurdistan Review launched its first annual publication this January. Prior to that the magazine consisted of three quarterly reviews in 2013. Published by Invest In Group, the Kurdistan Review is a joint project in partnership with the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Department of Foreign Relations.

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